Sharing the culture of Qigong

After years of failed attempts to rectify my health issues through conventional medicine, I began to explore alternatives. Without a clear direction I turned my focus inward and began a journey of self-enquiry. After an initial awakening I realised I was lacking a method to keep me on the path and lead me to what lies beyond. I began to explore Eastern philosophies and practices and looked towards the spiritual teachers of our time. That is when I discovered Qigong.

In Qigong I found a practice for physical health, mental clarity and spiritual alignment. The deeper I delved into the practice and the more I incorporated its principles into my life, the more harmonious my experiences became. I adopted Qigong as a lifestyle; slowing down, practicing presence and expanding my awareness so that I might tune in to the interconnectedness of all things and observe the lawful unfolding of nature.

I share Qigong as an extension of my lifestyle. My offering is of a culture that encompasses a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment wherein openness, compassion and acceptance are paramount. I share Qigong with lightness and humour, remembering that our true nature is loving and joyous. I offer an environment in which to connect and share with others or observe in quiet reflection.


  • 2020 – Modern Qigong Teacher Training Module 2 – Nicole Lee Qigong
  • 2019Modern Qigong Teacher Training Module 1Nicole Lee Qigong
  • 2015Diploma of Traditional Thai Massage TherapyAustralian School of Traditional Thai Massage
  • 2014Workshop in the Theory and Practice of Gua ShaHealth Traditions
  • 2014Advanced Certificate of Integrated Cupping TherapyHealth Traditions
  • 2014Certificate of Traditional Thai MassageAustralian School of Traditional Thai Massage